St Joseph of the Holy Family
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A Church where people, faiths

and cultures meet


At St Joseph’s, our community keeps on growing. It’s home to friends and family from across New York City and from all around the world.



Plenty of us gather at St Joseph’s every Sunday. It’s a day for us to worship and to spend time together – with our family, friends and neighbors.


Saturday Vigil Mass, 5:30 PM

If you can't attend Mass on Sunday, join us to worship on a Saturday evening instead for a service held in anticipation of the next day. 

Family Mass, 8:30 AM

Our Church encourages the younger members in our community to play an active role. They can take part as a lector, reading aloud the epistles. Or they can act as an usher, greeting members and helping them settle into a seat.

We hold Sunday School classes after Mass, so children and teenagers can learn more about God's love and our faith.

Sunday Gospel, 10:00 AM

Everyone is welcome to join the Sunday Gospel for an uplifting and energizing delivery of the homily by Father Nolan, and hymns sung by our soulful Gospel Choir. If you’re new to the area, come down and meet some of your neighbors. We get together after the service for a chat on the steps outside or downstairs in Komora Hall.

Spanish Mass, 12:00 PM

Father Pichardo welcomes our Spanish speaking community to come together for an inspirational delivery of the homily and to sing contemporary hymns in Spanish. After Mass, we meet on the steps or downstairs in Komora Hall to catch up with our friends and neighbors.  

French Mass, 2:00 PM

We are blessed to have Father Joseph Kinda with us from Burkina Faso. People have come together from across the city to find a new home and spirituality in our worship. As our family grows, we welcome more people every week to join us downstairs in Komora Hall to spend time together after the service.