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Sunday is the day when most people visit the church and spend time together.




The Exposition of the Sacrament

Stay after Friday morning mass for the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.   It’s when the Eucharist is revealed and displayed on the alter. A chance to for us to spend some time in silence with our Eucharistic Lord.


Lexo Devina

Every Tuesday morning at 9:30AM we meditate on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel and try to have a deeper appreciation of God's word for us in Sunday's worship. 



6:45 PM (in Spanish), prior to the 7PM Spanish Mass. Join us before Friday evening mass for blessing, readings, and prayer. This service is given in Spanish.


The Rosary

The Rosary is prayed in English each morning following the 9AM Mass. 

It's prayed in Spanish on weeknights at 6:30PM before the 7PM Mass. 

It's prayed in French, Sunday's at 1:30PM before the 2PM Mass.


From maintaining the church buildings, to supporting our community outreach programmes, and making sure our team get paid a fair wage. It is your generosity that keeps the doors to St Joseph's open to everyone that needs it. Together, our community can offer friendship, compassion and education through our worship



What matters at St Joseph’s?

Making all things new

It’s important to think about how well we’re meeting the collective needs of everyone who is a part of St Joseph’s.

For our parish to flourish, both in our education and in faith, we need to consider the long-term needs of people in our church. To analyse what we’re doing well but importantly, what we need to be doing better.

We've formed a group of clergy and laity from across the Archdiocese of New York so we can decide together, what our priorities should be.

We're also thinking about how we can help to meet the needs of people in other institutions, like nursing homes and prisons. 

There are four major areas of focus:

  • Sacramental Life of the Parish
  • Evangelization, Catechesis, Catholic Schools, and Life-long Religious Education
  • Stewardship and Outreach
  • Effective Administration

Sunday School

After Family Mass finishes on Sunday morning, children and teenagers are welcome to learn more about our faith and community at class.


Our choir

Loud, proud and full of soul. Our choir, led by Brian Dickinson, sits at the heart of our Sunday Gospel Mass. From hymns, to spirituals, or cantatas, we perform a mixture of songs with an emphasis on Gospel. 

Come listen, raise your spirits, and sing together every Sunday. Join our English choir at 10am mass, Spanish choir at 12 noon mass and our French choir at the 2pm mass.