St Joseph of the Holy Family
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Join us at Mass and Devotionals to

pray and praise together.


We hold daily Mass in English at 9:00 AM and Spanish at 7:00 PM. We currently hold Mass in French on Sunday and we’re planning to hold more regular French services.  



Devotionals are an important part of our daily worship.


The Exposition of the Sacrament

Stay after Friday morning Mass for the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. It’s when the Eucharist is revealed and displayed on the altar. A chance to for us to spend some time in silence with our Eucharistic Lord.


Join us at 6:45 PM, just before the Friday evening Mass for blessings, readings, and prayer. This service is given in Spanish.

The Rosary

The Rosary is prayed in English each morning following the 9:00 AM Mass.

It's prayed in Spanish on weeknights at 6:30 PM before the 7:00 PM Mass. 

It's prayed in French on Sunday at 1:30 PM, before the 2:00 PM Mass.

Lectio Divina

Every Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM, we meditate on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel and try to develop a deeper appreciation of God's word for us ahead of Sunday's worship. 


The Sacraments

As Catholics, taking the Sacraments marks an important moment in our lives. They’re something to celebrate together with family and friends from the Church.



Planning to get married at St Joseph's? Then come and speak to one of our Priests. The calendar can get quite busy, so please let us know your plans at least 6 months ahead of the wedding date. 



Baptisms usually take place during Mass on a Sunday or on a Saturday afternoon. Contact us at the rectory to arrange a baptism.


Anointing of the sick

Please let one of our priests know if anyone from the congregation is seriously ill or hospitalized.



The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered on Saturdays between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM. Speak to one of the Priests in the rectory if you’d like to take the sacrament at another time.